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Willamette Week

Hot design is everywhere.

August 20th 2008

Admit it: You're a design whore. Your wedding registry was at Design Within
Reach. Your mantra is "In Eames we trust." When you watch TV or DVDs -
even pornos - you're apt to exclaim, "Wait! Is that a Swan Chair behind
them?" and hit pause. We feel your pain. We're design hos, too. In art,
architecture and utilitarian objects, our eyes scour every surface for pleasing
lines, curves, spheres and planes. In our beloved Stumptown there are scads
of beautiful details, and we're not just talking about ogling the usual public-art
suspects like Portlandia or that creepy deconstructed phallus across the
street from Powell's. No, there are smaller gems - entry gates, wallpapers,
even corporate lobbies (gasp!) - worthy of attention.


(The Mosaic Condominiums, 1410 SW 11th Ave.)

In a town filled to the gills with butter-bland condo buildings, the Mosaic stands out. Just south of the downtown Safeway, the building, by Myhre Group Architects, glitters green, orange, and teal, its multicolored cubes stacked one atop the other. Gloriously Dutch-looking, this building is like a 21st century
vertical version of the classic Rietveld Schroder House in Utrecht. If only the drab slabs on the Southwest Waterfront had the panache of this baby!