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Remodel/Renovation Competition - Singled Out

Environments For Aging

October 7th 2015

2015 EFA Remodel/Renovation Competition Jury
Andrew L. Alden Senior Planner & Designer, Eppstein Uhen
Jeffrey J. Bogart Senior Interior Designer & Associate, Eppstein Uher
David Dillard President, D2 Architects
Carol Reitter Elia Owner, CR Design
Dena B. Erickson Senior Interior Designer, Senior Lifestyle Design
Lorraine G. Hiatt Environmental Gerontologist, Planning Research & Design Consultant
Charlie Jennings Chief Development Officer, Harbor Retirement Associates
Migette L. Kaup Professor, Kansas State University
Russ McLaughlin Senior Associates, AG Architecture
Steve Orfield Orfield Laboratories
Richard Ottens Interior Designer, Property Manager, Juniper Design Group
Jill Schroeder Senior Interior Designer, Pope Architects
Christine Soma Project Architect & Project Manager, Pope Architects
Laura J. Weyrauch Principal, Weyrauch Consulting LLC
Charlie Wilson Senior Vice President, Buckner Retirement Services

About the submissions: The Remodel/Renovation Competition submissions come from across the U.S. and cover a variety of construction costs and project scopes. Every year, a multidisciplinary panel of invited judges from SAGE (Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments) reviews the submissions. The panel including architects, interior designers, researchers, academics, regulatory experts, and provider. Judge view the submissions according to their areas of expertise, ensuring the projects are evaluates on a wide range of criteria. Judges rate the submissions and provide comments to help clarify the rationale for the rating. The top 10 projects are then made available to the public for online voting to select the Best in Category winner.

Take a look at the winner and nine finalists in the seventh annual Environments for Aging Remodel/Renovation Competition.
Focusing on single spaces.

This year's Remodel/Renovation Competition category is a bit of a catch-all, even as it zeroes in on individual rooms within a senior living community. We asked readers to submit projects that focused on single spaces - which include dining spaces, resident rooms, activity zones, courtyards, spas/wellness centers, chapels, theaters, salons, and other resident areas. The 63 submissions did, indeed run the gamut.

A panel of judges from industry partner SAGE (Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments) reviewed all the contender and narrowed them down to the top 10, which were then made available for online voting to determine the Best in Category winner.

Who came out on top? It was The Cove bistro at The Covington in Aliso Viejo, Calif., submitted by CastleRock Design Group. The new space replaces a more formal dining area and feels undeniably fresh and welcoming for both residents and their visitors. For more on the project, in the design firm's own words, turn the page. And then keep turning pages to see our other nine finalists and get their take on the renovations they tackled.

We'll present CastleRock Design Group with its award for The Cove at the 216 Environment for Aging Expo & Conference (April 9-12 Austin, Texas). I'd like to thank our Remodel/Renovation Competition sponsors, Micey Marble, as well as our jury and all of you who took the time to vote for your favorites.

For insight on some of the major trends that emerged in a review of this year's competition submissions, shared by juror Andrew L. Alden, visit EnvironmentsforAgeing.com/remodel-renovation-judging-recap

The Springs at Carman Oaks Lake Oswego, ORE
Submitted by: Myhre Group Architects Portland, ORE
Cost/sq. ft.: $145

Design Team: Owner (The Springs Living); architecture and interior design (Myhre Group Architects); general contractor (Todd Construction); civil engineer (AAI Engineering); structural engineers (TM Rippey Consulting Engineering)

The Springs at Carman Oaks' Wellness Center is a holistic approach to health, hosting a wide variety of amenities including a pool, fitness center, yoga-cardio room, flexible activity room and demonstration kitchen, theater, general store, spa, treatment massage rooms, salon, locker rooms, and a number of communal gathering areas. This new addition to the existing Carman Oaks complex serves to enhance the residents' physical, emotional, and social well-being. The design aesthetic plays off of the idea of an outdoor-to-indoor motif creating a transition between the amenities of an outdoor mall experience while providing all the comfort and security of the indoors. To this end, materials, finishes, and furniture were used that could be placed in either an outdoor or indoor setting and that were warm and inviting in nature. Woven textured chairs, cedar wood finishes, guard rails inspired by exterior environments and a variety of materials used on individual storefronts and awnings give the impression that each amenity is an individual retail establishment. The trellis design winding its way across the lobby ceiling further articulates this design concept while also giving the illusion of height. The theater marquee is a favorite among the residents and the theater itself was designed with ultra-comfortable true theater seating on terraced platforms lit with multiple layers of light to balance both safety and a great viewing experience.

There were some major challenges in creating this vision. Due to the location of the Wellness Center addition, directly under the new large roof top terrace that was created, the design team had the extra challenge of requiring smart structural design to allow the roof of the newly renovated dining room to be supported by the pool. Overall, this addition was designed with flexibility, safety and a spa like aesthetic in mind. This amenity space was delivered as the last completed phase of the entire community renovation so that the dining services could be relocated here during the renovation.

Numerous meetings with were held at the town hall to ensure that all concerns and opinions were heard. Participates were also given construction updates in order to minimize any distresses they may have felt during day-to-day activities, and to offer a sense of ease during the process.

Jury comments:

  • Nice continuity of space and seamless transition. Good use of architectural elements and varies tones to add visual interest.

  • I applaud their ability to coordinate new structure and load requirements into the ceiling and overall design.

  • Best room is the theater. Great conversion from main street to new mall idea.

Reader comments:

  • What an incredible challenge and equally incredible result in their wellness center!

  • An addition of such a nice swimming pool and its facilities creates an amazing enhanced environment for retirements living.

  • Wow, what a great renovation. You can't go wrong with promoting wellness.