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Daily Journal of Commerce

January 23rd 2008

Myhre Group Architects' revised design for a Pearl District apartment complex is more coherent, Design Commissioners said last week, but the planned materials palette is going to be tough to pull off.

The cementitious panels the firm originally used in orchestrating the apartments' super-geometric design were traded for metal panels in black and grey. (The renderings on the Myhre Group site are old ones.) Ambitious design, commissioners said. But one that's going to be tough to do well with less-than-excellent materials.

"I have almost zero confidence that this thing is going to survive," Mike McCulloch said.

And in an area of high-material-quality projects, Ben Kaiser said, it's going to stick out like a dinky-metal-covered thumb.

"If this were in another part of the city, I think it would be scrutinized less," he said.

But, commissioners said, the design itself made strides.

"The building has much more coherency as you go from side to side," Jeff Stuhr said.
In another change, the project one of the few I've heard admit no green features has been registered for Green Globes.